Program Information

Madison Early Childhood Center is an early childhood special education program for children age 3-5 years old who are developmentally delayed or challenged.  To qualify for this program, the child must come through a developmental screening provided by the Boise School District.  The developmental screening is the first step to identifying significant developmental and/or learning delays.  A developmental delay is defined as a delay in which a child’s educational needs are negatively affected.  Once a developmental delay has been determined, an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) will be created by the team, which includes parents/guardians, and special education services are provided by the Boise School District. For additional information, please call 208-854-5520.

Boise School District Developmental Screening Schedule:


Madison Early Childhood Center also has one classroom dedicated to the Friends of Children and Families Head Start Program. This is a federally funded preschool program for children of lower income families.  This is a separate program from the Boise School District.   For more information about FOCAF Head Start, please call 208-433-9078.