School Security Guidelines

The Independent School District of Boise City


2215 Madison Ave · Boise, Idaho 83702

Phone: 208-854-5520 · Head Start: 208-854-5522

Fax: 208-854-5521




Parents dropping off or picking up their child during class time will need to wait in the lobby area.  Please do not wait outside your child’s classroom door. Parents are asked not to wait outside the classrooms without being signed in and badged.


  •           Parents transporting their child to school are not allowed to drop off students before their designated time.
  •           Parents may use the walk-through gate on 22nd Street for student pick up/drop off.  Parents must wait outside the fence for the teacher or a badged Boise School District representative. 
  •           Unauthorized adults are not allowed to pick up students without prior notification with the teacher or front office personnel.  Adults must be prepared to provide picture identification if asked.    

  •           Parents transporting their child to/from school must sign-in and sign-out their child using the notebooks located outside classrooms 1. The classroom teacher and the parent/responsible adult MUST make visual/verbal contact.
  •           Unauthorized adults are not allowed to pick up students without prior notification with Head Start personnel.  Adults must be prepared to provide picture identification if asked.


  •           When parents/guardians are dropping off and/or picking up their child, it is that adult’s responsibility to supervise their children.  All children must stay with the responsible adult.  School safety practices must be observed.  These include:  no running in the building, use of quiet voices while indoors.
  •           When leaving the building, please supervise your child.  It is unacceptable for children to be allowed to run into the street or to be left unsupervised.  Young children are impulsive; their safety is your responsibility.
  •           If parents/guardians are not available to accept the child from the bus or if transporting parents have not made other arrangements or are more than 10 minutes late picking up their child, all contact phone numbers will be called. If personal contact is not made, the School Resource Officer or Health & Welfare may be called.


Traffic and parking is a challenge at Madison. We have had a number of incidences in which cars have been hit by inattentive drivers. We will call the Boise Parking Enforcement if we have problems with traffic/parking.

Basic rules to remember:

  • The yellow curb in front of the school is a loading zone only; you cannot park in this area for more than 20 minutes.
  • The yellow curb on 23rd Street is our bus zone. DO NOT PARK IN THE BUS ZONES.
  • Parking is available behind the school on Jefferson Street, and on 22nd Street.  Residential parking across from the school is a 2 hour limit parking without a parking sticker.
  • DO NOT PARK in the opposite direction of traffic.  Parking in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic makes it dangerous for children to cross.
  • Because we do not have a crossing guard parents are responsible for the safe crossing of their children, we encourage parents to cross at the corner crosswalks.
  • DO NOT put your child into the vehicle or take them out of the vehicle from the street side.  Not only can this block the street for passing vehicles, it is an unsafe opportunity for children to run into the street unattended.  ALWAYS use the curb side for getting children in and out of your vehicle.  Because street safety is a skill the students will use forever, teaching them correctly now will help develop skills they will use when crossing a street without you.
  • NEVER walk between parked cars or buses.  On-coming traffic may not see you or your child. 
  • Madison students are not to be crossing any street unaccompanied.  Please hold your child’s hand and cross at the corner in an appropriate manner. 
  • Never leave children unattended in a vehicle.  If you need assistance, please call either program; Head Start 208-854-5522 or ECC 208-854-5520.

Keep safety in mind when parking and walking your child to/from Madison.